The Skinny on Childhood Obesity

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If you want to fight childhood obesity it is best to not wait until your child is already obese and stuck in the habits that lead to obesity, but to start today instilling good habits that will keep your child at a normal, healthy weight, and keep their body healthy as well.

If you want to fight childhood obesity, fight the following:

Sugary sweet children: It is simply a matter of diet. In most instances children who are obese get that way because of the way they eat. Their parents have poor eating habits that are passed down, and those compounded with popular children's snacks, such as sugared cereals, candy, and other sweets, lead to a habit of poor eating where a large majority of what a kid eats during the day is filled with sugars and nutrition-less stuff that has been processed, refined, artificially colored, etc. These sugary sweet treats are fine on occasion, but if your child is eating more than one treat a day, they are in a cycle that could lead to obesity. So, monitor how many sweets they eat, and limit their intake of packaged, processed, and refined foods.

Computer, television, video games: If you want to fight childhood obesity, in addition to limiting the amount of junk food they get, you also have to limit their time spent sitting in front of the television, the computer, or playing video games. While there are some notable exceptions, most of these activities mean sitting still and vegging out. There are numerous studies that have linked these activities to weight gain. If you want to avoid obesity in your child, limit them to one to two hours of these activities a day, and have them spend the rest of their time doing something more active. This could be taking your family pet for walks, jumping on a trampoline, riding a bike, swimming, hitting a ball around, etc. Get them outside as the great outdoors invites more physical activity than sitting around inside does.

Bad habits: Childhood obesity is never solely caused by poor genetics, or misfortune, it is a combination of several factors, but usually can be attributed to accumulated bad habits. When children are small, those bad habits are the fault of the parents, as the kids age they get into the routine of not exercising or being active, and eating improperly. Over eating, eating foods with low nutritional content and high calories, not providing your body with the nutrients it needs, and living a sedentary lifestyle, rather than one where you are up and moving. These bad habits build on one another, and soon instead of playing outside and running around like a kid should do, your kid is going to be obese and it will hurt or be uncomfortable to be active, and a soda and a television show are going to be a more appealing option, continuing the cycle.

Get your kids out of the obesity cycle and on their way to good health by consulting your pediatrician, and by choosing to live an active, healthy life.

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The Skinny on Childhood Obesity

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This article was published on 2010/04/01