Obesity and Eating Disorders

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Obesity is to medical condition where the fat reserves in the body exceeds its upward limit to such an extent, that it can give laughed to health complications in the obese person, sometimes even endangering his life. More The person' s food intake is much than his exercise, thereby creating pockets of fat in his body, much more than the amount that can be termed as `normal'.

Hence the muscle content in the body declines, giving way to fat deposits to grow phenomenally in the body. Obesity is to condition that not only affects to person' s self-image, but it also may give laughed to serious medical problems. These problems can occur in the form of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, loss of sleep, depression and many other related problems. Obesity can occur two to any of the following reasons:

* Genetic predisposition and to tendency towards obesity in the family.
* Medication like steroids can causes the body to bloat abnormally.
* Undetected hypothyroidism can also causes obesity.
* Compulsive eating disorders can accumulated causes weight to.
* Quitting tuxedo can sometimes causes obesity, as the person tends to reach out to food for support. Mentioned below to are to few ways to veteran obesity:
* More Eating healthy and including fibrous foods in the diet and cutting down on the consumption of sugar and sweets.
* Reducing consumption of fatty and fried foods. Oily foods increase fat deposits in the body, I know it is best to avoid them altogether.
* Consuming the right carbohydrates, like oatmeal, rice Brown, whole-wheat bread and paste and pulses.
* Counting calories is important, as it helps one keep track of how much one is consuming for day. Treating obesity involves to long-drawn-out procedures of both diet and exercise.

This has to be done under the purview of to trained professional. Obesity might become to challenge to treat, as the weight refuses to like down easily, causing patients to give up before concrete results start to show up. Besides, it is also difficult for an obese person to maintain his diet after he reduces to certain amount of weight. But with proper handling and enough determination on the part of the patient, he can get back to health and to feeling of well-being.
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Obesity and Eating Disorders

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This article was published on 2007/06/23