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Obesity is a state of a human body wherein it has too much of excessive and unnecessary fats that hinders the function of some body organs. Obesity is already known as a serious health condition that can lead to death if not noticed and treated properly. Statistics of obese people have been growing as fast the population growth. Obesity is often the root cause of other health problems like heart disease, having high blood pressure, outbreaks of stroke, high amount of blood sugar. Dangers of obesity have been obvious these past few years. Seven to eight out of ten people die because of obesity related health problems. You may be aware of the dangers, but are you aware of real deal?

Dangers of obesity have increased the number of premature deaths. Heart disease, high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes, failure of digestive organs, and even cancer are serious health conditions being related to obesity. Heart disease and heart failure are the most common health condition related to obesity. Nine out of ten obese people are diagnosed with coronary and chronic heart disease. When unnecessary fats blocked the arteries, the heart will have trouble circulating blood to other parts of the body. Obesity cause the thickening of heart's left ventricle wall. Being an obese individual with heart disease can make your blood pressure go up. Obesity increases the blood volume and cardiac output in arterial resistance. Obesity secretes high production of insulin in the body trying to decrease the sugar amount in the blood vessels. More insulin means more adjustments for the body to cope up with the changes. It can thicken vessels until it becomes rigid thus causing hypertension. After too much insulin has been secreted, the body becomes immune to its presence and the cells will no longer react to it causing diabetes. Since the body is no longer recognizing the presence of the insulin, the sugar-controlling substance in the body, blood sugar will keep increasing thus causing diabetes. Obesity is also often associated with certain kinds of cancer both for men and women. Obese women are more likely to develop cancer in the cervix, uterus, ovary, gall bladder, colon and breast. Obesity has been proven to increase or affect the level of estrogen which can be associated with uterine cancer. Summing it all up, obesity can cause death. There's nothing more dangerous than having your life at stake.

Having too much of something will always be bad. Dangers of obesity can be prevented. We still have the chance to minimize the risk of the health conditions brought by it. Health conditions have already been discussed above, and they are all associated with the same root cause, which is obesity. Therefore, to be able to minimize the risk of those health conditions from happening, we need to lessen and minimize the factors contributing to obesity itself. If we start about how to minimize or dispose the root cause, all the health conditions associated with it will follow. It will be a very good way to start as soon as possible so that you can prevent the situation from getting worst. Since you already know the dangers, it should be easy to start.

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Dangers of Obesity

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This article was published on 2010/11/26